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Comprehensive Governance Structure

AD Ports Group has in place a matrix of corporate oversight and compliance mechanisms that rival those of publicly listed companies.

At a supervisory level, AD Ports Group is overseen by a Board of Directors whose members, except for the Group Chief Executive Officer, are independent and not employed by AD Ports Group or its subsidiaries.

At the executive management level, a similar matrix of independent controls and checks and balances ensures the efficient, productive operation of AD Ports Group’s business and guards against conflicts of interest and corporate malpractice.

For more than a decade, the Board of Directors has operated both an Audit & Risk Committee and a Human Resources and Remuneration Committee to review the Group’s financial performance and compensation practices, among their many other responsibilities. 

In 2021, reflecting the increasing importance of inorganic growth to AD Ports Group’s future, a Strategy & Investment Committee was established to further support and guide management. 
The executive management’s duties and responsibilities are carried out through a series of sub-committees that ensure efficient, value-enhancing growth. 

The Tender Board deals with tendering and purchases of AED 1 million or more. 

The Investment Committee advises on potential capital expenditure investments by the Group. 

The Executive Committee reviews and approves all key non-investment decisions by the five business clusters. 
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