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Our Strategy

In 2022, AD Ports Group delivered a remarkable growth story during a transformational year, which included significant global expansion and record results. As a result, the Group has established itself as a regional champion and will continue to focus on scaling up its world-class capabilities.

The Group made two notable acquisitions in 2022: Global Feeder Shipping (GFS), a container shipping company operating 20 services in emerging markets globally, and Noatum, a leading global logistics platform with a presence in 26 countries.

AD Ports Group’s unique ecosystem is composed of five vertically integrated and synergistic clusters, which form a resilient trade community united by strong partnerships and provides strategic access to the UAE, positioning Abu Dhabi as an elite trade hub that serves the world.

Around 75% of the Group’s revenue is underpinned by a long-term growth strategy, which combines a de-risked approach with mixed operating models and complementary growth drivers to ensure resilient expansion throughout economic and industry cycles. Additionally, its well-balanced capital structure and solid financial position are reflected in the A+ investment grade credit ratings.

Read more about our 2023 strategy in our latest Annual Report.
AD Port Group

Case Studies

AD Ports Group has engaged in a number of impactful projects that fortify its commitment to being an integrated, progressive, and sustainable business.

Learn more about these projects here(EC&FZ)

AD Port Group Environment-Protection


At AD Ports Group, sustainability guides all facets of our operations.

We deeply care for the environment – onshore and offshore. Our efforts are aligned with Abu Dhabi regulatory authorities, and national and international rules and regulations. Back in 2011, we were accredited with ISO 14001:2004, the international standard for environmental management systems. We are now accredited with the latest ISO standards for environmental management systems and for occupational safety and health, ISO-14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018, respectively.

As an active participant in green port initiatives, AD Ports Group systematically looks for ways to make our operations more environmentally sustainable.

We are guided by our commitment to the people of Abu Dhabi, the GCC and the world. AD Ports Group is one of the biggest drivers of non-oil-related economic growth in Abu Dhabi. In 2020, our Group generated 21% of all non-oil GDP in the Emirate, the biggest single contribution of any company.

We are proud of our role in supporting Abu Dhabi’s sustainable economic growth and we actively look for new ways each year to enhance regional quality of life through our actions.

Energy And Emissions

Our Energy and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Management framework is underpinned by improving efficiency, embracing innovation, and integrating renewable energy across our value chain. At AD Ports Group, we are committed to the responsibility we shoulder toward mitigating climate change. We have a robust energy management system that continuously monitors our energy consumption and seeks to reduce our energy intensity and dependence on fossil fuels.

  • 12% decrease in electricity consumption intensity for container terminals
  • 17% decrease in GHG emissions in intensity for bulk cargo volume at Zayed Port
  • 10.5% decrease in fuel consumption per TEU

Conserving Marine Biodiversity

As a responsible port operator, we seek to balance marine biodiversity conservation with our ports and maritime & shipping sector. AD Ports Group shares the responsibility of preserving and protecting Ras Ghanada, the Gulf’s largest coral reef known for its biodiversity and thriving reef development spread across 35km2.

  • Marine water quality and monitoring
  • Coral Relocation & Conservation in Khalifa Port
  • Sea turtle protection programmes to put them back into safe water
  • Marine Debris collection resulting in a 70% reduction in debris noticed in the past three years

Waste Management – Integrating Circularity

As part of the HSE Management system, AD Ports Group had devised a waste management strategy and plan back in 2011. The plan mandates a waste management hierarchy of ‘Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Dispose’. We undertake periodic internal reviews to ensure that the plan is implemented across our operations and jurisdictions to integrate circularity.

  • 52.5% of solid waste was recycled in 2020
  • 36.6% decrease in solid waste generated at ports
  • 9% reduction in annual water consumption
AD Port Group

Sustainability Reports

Download our latest Annual Report for further information on AD Ports Group’s commitment to sustainable development.
2022 AD Ports Group - Sustainability Report
2021 Sustainability Report
AD Port Group

Our People

At AD Ports Group, we take pride in helping employees reach their full potential, knowing that our growth depends on their growth.

In the United Arab Emirates and across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, the AD Ports Group is a leader in workplace health, safety, and employee development. As of the end of 2021, the Group had 2,533 full-time employees, who are known for their loyalty and commitment to excellence.

Such dedication is why AD Ports Group was the first company chosen in the Middle East to receive the Investors in People IIP Platinum Accreditation, the highest accolade from an international rankings group that assesses workplace practices at 50,000 organisations in 66 countries.

In 2021, AD Ports Group earned IIP Platinum Accreditation for a third consecutive year. The recognition reflects the Group’s success in improving workplace quality even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we provided housing, vaccines, testing and support. 

Despite significant changes to work routines caused by the pandemic and inclusion of new members to the Group’s corporate family through mergers and acquisitions, Employee Satisfaction at AD Ports Group remained high during the year at 85%, according to a 2021 survey.


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