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Our Brand

Trade is international, and so are we. With businesses and partnerships spanning multiple continents and a global workforce, we go beyond borders.

Our Identity

Our brand embodies what we aspire to achieve and our unwavering commitment to forward thinking, advanced digital solutions, and excellence. It represents our passion to think big, collaborate, and exceed expectations. 

We are proud of our dedication to providing exceptional value to our customers and shareholders through the creation of long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, connecting global maritime routes and international trading partners. Our brand philosophy reflects this collaborative spirit and the remarkable impact that we are making on the industry. 

At the heart of our brand is the concept of transformation and the dynamic nature of our business that is committed to progress and growth. Our brand represents our transformation from a local player to a global trade and logistics enabler, and reminds us of the Emirati heritage we hold dear, while also representing our commitment to embracing innovation and the future in order to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We exist to reimagine trade, enabling progress for all.

Our Sound

Sound is a powerful expression of our identity and our core values of innovation, technology and customer centricity. It represents who we are, what we do and our dedication to progress and growth, inspiring us to push the boundaries of what is possible, and highlighting our agility in embracing new technologies and providing customised solutions.

Our sound reflects our responsiveness, flexibility and commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. It's a call to action, inspiring us to embrace change and create new possibilities that reimagine trade. 

We are AD Ports Group

Through advanced digital solutions, we optimise trade efficiencies, creating opportunities for sustainable global development. We listen, we learn, then we innovate to deliver world-class global logistic value chains driven by operational excellence to meet stakeholders’ dynamic needs. 

Brand Enquiries

Please get in touch with our corporate marketing team for enquiries on brand opportunities, use of brand and more.

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