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SAFEEN Feeders Launches New UAE-Red Sea Service

SAFEEN Feeders Launches New UAE-Red Sea Service

November 10, 2022

Route Provides Fastest Access to Cities of Jeddah and Port Sudan, Positioning Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Port as Key Regional Cargo Connection

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 10 November 2022: As part of its ongoing expansion of international routes, AD Ports Group’s SAFEEN Feeders has officially launched its UAE-Red Sea service to all customers, with the inclusion of Fujairah Terminals and Jeddah, following successful trials with allocated cargo on the route.

The Red Sea service will provide direct connectivity between Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Port and Port Sudan, home to Sudan's main seaport and the source of 90% of the country's international trade. It will travel via AD Ports Group’s Fujairah Terminals, on the eastern seaboard of the UAE and Jeddah Port on the west coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering the fastest transit time between these vital trade hubs.

In addition, customers of the service can access last-mile delivery to consignee locations across the UAE with the support of MICCO Logistics, part of AD Ports Group, which offers freight forwarding and end-to-end logistics solutions.

Khalifa Port will serve as a main transit hub, while the addition of Fujairah Terminals will provide a much-needed stop on the UAE’s east coast, reducing the need for cargo to be transferred by road. Importers and exporters will save significant transit time by using the direct route, which is up to four times faster than alternative transshipment services that can take as long as 30 days. 

Captain Ammar Mubarak Al Shaiba, Acting CEO – Maritime Cluster and SAFEEN Group, AD Ports Group, said: “The Red Sea service reflects the wise vision of the leaders of the UAE, which looks to strengthen the bond between brotherly nations through trade and development. By connecting Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Port and Port Sudan, along with Fujairah and Jeddah, we are linking four key regional trade hubs and cutting transit time significantly for businesses along the route.”

SAFEEN Group is achieving rapid growth because we see unmet needs in the market and can rapidly provide a modern fleet supported by a high level of customer service to address them. We are deploying the full strength of AD Ports Group’s portfolio along this new route, with the world-class infrastructure of Khalifa Port and Fujairah Terminals supported by in-country services from MICCO Logistics.”

In addition to the UAE/Red Sea service, SAFEEN Feeders also offers services to UAE/China, Singapore/Chennai/Colombo, UAE Coastal/Oman, and UAE/India/Gulf services. 

SAFEEN Group delivers a comprehensive range of port and marine services, transshipment, offshore and subsea logistics and feeders services. The Group deploys a team of professionals and a fleet of state-of-the-art vessels to ensure a full spectrum of maritime logistics, solutions and services are operated effectively and with maximum efficiency.