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Our New Sonic Branding Initiative Speaks Volumes

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  • May 25, 2023
Our New Sonic Branding Initiative Speak Volumes

In today's world of streaming, brands need to stand out from the crowd, and one way they're doing it is through the power of sonic branding. You've likely heard iconic sounds like Netflix's 'dun-dun' or Apple's 'duuuhn' (even though words can't do them justice). And now, as a leading global trade, maritime, and logistics enabler, we're making waves in the world of sonic branding with our new sound.

Introducing the AD Ports Group Sonic Brand! We're thrilled to share a unique audio identity that truly captures the essence of our brand and values. From on-hold music to advertisements and videos, this new sound will provide a consistent and unforgettable experience across all our media channels.

Our team has worked tirelessly to create an audio identity that perfectly reflects our brand's values of innovation, excellence, and customer centricity. Comprising of five notes, each one representing the unique identity of each cluster, Digital, Economic Cities & Free Zones, Logistics, Maritime and Ports, seamlessly stitched together to represent the synergistic nature of our operations. 
AD Ports Group’s sound is simple, but memorable, while the melody evokes and ends with a high note. The instrumentation chosen aims to show positivity and forward motion, while also being rooted in a base note to reflect our rich heritage and trustworthiness.

At AD Ports Group, we're dedicated to investing in the latest technologies and innovations to improve our operations and services continually. Our sonic branding is just one part of our broader strategy to go beyond the visual to leverage auditory language that delivers brand recognition and affinity.
We invite you to listen and experience the AD Ports Group brand in a fresh and exciting way.


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