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Abu Dhabi Ports inaugurates first Port Digital Innovation Lab to digitalize trade


February 18, 2018

“This is the first Port Digital Innovation Lab in the Middle East and it promises to fulfil the need for studying emerging technologies and developing new solutions by young, inspired creators and innovators that can then be practically applied to real-life trade and market situations. Let us today celebrate this journey of innovation – and a shining horizon of opportunities,” she added.

Abu Dhabi Port’s annual Partners Forum serves as an interactive occasion that aligns with the company strategy to strengthens partner relationships. This year’s theme was ‘Innovating together for a brighter future’ with a focus on exploring local and international innovation trends and disruptive technologies that are shaping the industry’s future.

In addition, Abu Dhabi Ports also revealed its long-term innovation strategy to its stakeholders. The strategy will focus on development of initiatives around four key themes; smart technology, Ports-Emirates duality, future trade and logistics and space logistics.

Maqta Gateway, inaugurated in October 2017, is a transformational project that has set out to re-define Abu Dhabi’s trade services, processes and information exchange through a unified interface that connects various trade customers, including shipping agents, traders, custom brokers, freight forwarders and clearing agents, with entities integrated within the system locally and internationally.