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Abu Dhabi Customs Streamline Services Expedites Shipments via Khalifa Port Customs Centre and other ports


April 18, 2018

The new procedures have been in effect at the Khalifa Port Custom Centre as well as other ports in the emirate. Mr. Mubarak Mattar Al Mansouri, Exectuive Director, Custom Operations Sector, highlights that the General Administration of Customs is keen to advocate world-class measures to facilitate services offered to customers, traders and shipping companies transporting goods outside the country.

“Abu Dhabi Customs currently adopts a number of initiatives aimed at expediting customs procedures and policies and update online systems. We are focusing on multiple projects including customs clearance timing, statistics date, and addressing challenges faced by traders. Our management is keen to benchmark best practices globally to elevate inspection procedures, early inquiry about shipment whilst building local custom expertise to address all challenges”, he said.

Al Mansouri added, “Abu Dhabi Customs works closely with its strategic partners, like Abu Dhabi Ports, to integrate inspection procedures at Abu Dhabi border exits, facilitating them to enable traders, exporters and importers to gain diverse benefits for the advantage of the local economy.”

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, stressed that the company is keen to bolster cooperation and coordination with its partners to jointly offer customers world-class services and help expedite measures undertaken at border centres and exits.

“The new procedure adopted in Khalifa Port compliments other efficient solutions launched by Abu Dhabi Ports, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Customs, to streamline shipping movements, thereby encouraging more transactions, via this cutting-edge facility, resulting in a shorter turn-around time. The automated port gate, for instance, is able to complete truck procedures within 12 minutes, a record time thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and integrated communication system used in the port”, he concluded.